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First Passive Building

Window City Completes First Passive Building Project in the United States

Window City installs all Passive House certified window and doors in America’s first ever Passive structure.
Psychiatric Windows

Window City Installs State-of-the-Art Psychiatric Windows at New Jersey Hospital

Nationwide commercial window supplier and installer, Window City, completed a custom window install at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Somerville, New Jersey.

Despite Weather, COVID-19 & Massive Shutdowns, Business Continues to Boom in Nashville

Despite being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, business shutdowns and constant weather obstacles including deadly tornados and flash floods, Tennessee is still the number one state to which people are relocating.
Custom-Designed Window

Window City Installs Custom-Designed Windows at Vanderbilt University

Window City installed over 350 custom historical steel replica windows for the recently completed renovation of the Sony Music Entertainment building in Nashville, Tennessee.

Window City Contributes to the Preservation Effort of Printworks Mill

Nationwide commercial window supplier and installer, Window City, was called on to be part of a $54 million rehabilitation project at Printworks Mill in Greensboro, NC.
How to choose the right one

Repair or Replace Your Windows

Repairing or replacing your window is a tough question to answer. When your windows are foggy, cold or cracked, you might be wondering if now is the time to repair or replace.
Knowing the different types to choose from

Types of Windows for Commercial Buildings

Window City has been doing commercial window replacement for over 30 years. Over the course of those 30 years, Window City has learned a great amount of knowledge within the industry and has invented successful procedures in the productivity of installing windows for commercial buildings.
The ins and outs of soundproof windows

Soundproof Windows - Do They Work?

Soundproof windows can come in extremely handy depending on what area of the globe you live in. Residing in a secluded home deep in the forest wouldn’t require the need for windows to be soundproofed.
Understand the basic

What is a Window Sash

Every single window built today has a sash as part of its makeup. Without the sash, there would be no window.
A few window types you should know about

Windows & Doors – Window City

Windows and doors are in almost every building and home you see. Many years ago, it was considered to be a luxury to have windows installed in your home.
Examining the differences

Fiberglass or Vinyl - Window City

When talking about the popularity between vinyl and fiberglass windows, fiberglass takes the lead. The differences in fiberglass and vinyl windows are the materials used to make them.
Everything You Need to Know

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows have become a popular option of window types not only in the residential market but also in the commercial sector. With so many different window options, vinyl has held its place in the market for many years.
The difference between commercial and standard

Commercial Windows – Window City

Ever wonder the difference between a commercial windows and residential? Maybe you didn’t even know there was a difference.
Helpful tips and tricks on everything windows

A Word from the President

Last week, we had a chance to speak with our company’s President, Michael Mastroberti, on some key points to know when in the market for window replacement. Things like replacing your window at the right time, knowing the signs a window needs replaced and understanding condensation are just a few of the points we got to cover.
Knowing the protocols

Historic Window Restoration

Historic window restoration projects on historic properties often present a higher degree of difficulty due to the nature of original construction. Our team has to be mindful of framing style, existing decomposition (rot), and present-day code requirements.
Everything You Should Know

Historic Window Replacement

Window City specializes in historic window replacement. For over 35 years, the commercial window and door replacement company has been completing turnkey window replacement projects in buildings listed on the national register of historic places throughout the entire country.
What we're doing to combat some of the problems

Supply Chain Issues in the Window Industry

The first month of 2022 is past us and we’re beginning to see some trends within the window industry. Luxury, comfort, eco-friendly and nature-oriented
Steps you can take to help insulate your building

Insulating Your Windows - Window City

As we approach the coldest months of the year, it’s important to know how you can help keep your home or building the warmest it can be without taking a beating from your bank account. Cold and hot air can enter your home through multiple different ways and your windows are one of the most prevalent areas.
The Pros & Cons of Installing a Steel Door

Steel Doors - Window City

Steel entry doors are typically found in commercial buildings more so than residential. However, these doors are popping up more and more in homes across the country.