Do Soundproof Windows Really Work?

Soundproof windows can come in extremely handy depending on what area of the globe you live in.  Residing in a secluded home deep in the forest wouldn’t require the need for windows to be soundproofed.  On the opposite hand, living in the heart of New York City where the noise is never-ending or even a busy side street in Nashville, Tennessee, might motivate you to research the benefits of purchasing a few soundproof windows for a better night’s sleep.

Soundproof windows aren’t the “fix-all” for days you can’t seem to find some peace and quiet.  These windows help minimize the unwanted sounds happening outside, but don’t completely mute every frequency.  There are, however, some steps you can take to help your soundproof windows do their job.  We have listed some ways to help below.

soundproof windows

Behind the Noise

There are two different ways that noise typically travels.  One way is through the air and the other is through materials.  The most common way external noise is measured is by the Sound Transmission Class (STC).  Most windows today have STC ratings and a common number to see is 26.  The glass used in many common windows is typically 3mm thick.  Purchasing a window with multiple window panes will increase the sound resistance from outside.

So how do these windows work?  In order to reduce the sound, a window works by slowing the transfer of sound waves.  The quicker the sound travels, the louder it may seem.  When the transfer is slowed down, the frequency won’t be as loud.  Another way to reduce the sound transfer is by absorbing it.  Windows can be built to do this by increasing the air space between glass panes or the thickness of the glass.

Soundproof Glass

There are many different ways to improve the sound-proofing in your building in regards to the windows.  The first, most obvious option would be to invest in a double or triple-pane window versus a single.  The upgrade from single to double allows for more space to capture the sound frequencies and reduce sound pollution in your building.

Single, Double or Triple-Pane?

So which one is best; single, double or triple-pane?  Single-pane windows are less likely to reduce sound because they don’t provide as much space and glass as a double or triple-pane window would. A double-paned window is a bit better but the most efficient window you could buy to prevent sound would be a triple-pane window.  More glass allows more space for sound absorption.

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