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Replacing windows for over 30 years

Window City is the nation’s leading window dealer, supplier and installer for state-of-the-art commercial-grade windows and doors such as steel replica, casement, double and single hung windows.  Beginning back in 1986, Window City was founded by two brothers in Clifton, New Jersey.  Since then, the company has expanded their work from New Jersey up to the surrounding states of Connecticut and down to the southern states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Texas.  After choosing to take the company nationwide, we have opened a second office in Nashville, Tennessee, to better meet the needs of our customers.  


Why choose Window City Inc?

Window City’s value proposition is based upon eight key differentiators:

  • Turnkey Window Replacement Expertise
  • Principal Knowledge, Involvement & Stability
  • Fast-Track Project Delivery/Self-Performance Capability
  • Total Quality Management
  • Occupied Facility Implementation
  • Comprehensive Execution Platform
  • Customer Service & Warranty
  • Green Energy Study

Turnkey Window Replacement Expertise

Since 1986, Window City has been one of the Northeast’s leading providers of cost-effective, turnkey window solutions. Window City continues to expand its capabilities and provide comprehensive, customized fenestration services for a diverse customer base.

  • Unmatched in-depth experience and dependability.
  • Single point of contact for all integrated window and door solutions.
  • Sophisticated electronic document management and collaboration tools.
  • Web-based management software allows smooth management of specs, drawings, progress photos and bids.
  • Full spectrum of services includes: Planning-Design-Development-Engineering-Sales-Fabrication-Installation-Service.

Principal Knowledge, Involvement & Stability

Window City’s track record of professionalism, exceptional customer service and satisfaction can be directly attributed to the company’s organizational structure. Being highly organized with hands-on senior management translates into unparalleled attention to project detail. Seasoned personnel and proven systems are already in place, ready to take on the next challenge.

  • Founding management team still in place since 1986.
  • Fenestration expertise that generates direct value to each project.
  • Core values and principles modeled from top down.
  • Principals serve as install consultants, recommending optimum solutions on fenestration projects across the country.

Fast-Track Project Delivery/Self-Performance Capability

With professionally trained and certified in-house installation crews, Window City delivers quality service to each project that is only matched by the premium products installed. This self-performance capability enhances the capacity to control cost, schedule and quality.

Window City’s courteous, uniformed and security-screened installation crews apply cutting-edge installation methods and technologies. Company planning and workflow processes save time and money and prevent poor performance. This complete-package combination ensures each project, whether large or small, is always completed before or on schedule.


Total Quality Management

More than two decades ago, Window City was a pioneer in fenestration Total Quality Management (TQM). Window City’s commitment to quality is embedded into each process and practice of the company. The Window City TQM process ensures premier craftsmanship, industry leading quality-control measures, and unparalleled management of each project’s triple constraint of cost, time and scope.

Today, all Window City employees undergo semi-annual TQM training with focus on internal and external customer service, new installation techniques, safety guidelines and project specific protocol. Project-specific TQM requirements are explained and discussed in detail throughout the pre-installation stage. The project coordinator, manager, foreman and crewmembers regularly review detailed goals and project demands during the lifespan of each project. Upon project completion, each phase and level of the TQM process is evaluated and measured for effectiveness. This commitment to TQM translates directly into providing customers with the highest quality workmanship and service at the best price.


Occupied Facility Implementation

Window City has extensive experience working in sensitive occupied spaces ranging from residential buildings to hospitals to office buildings. Long before any window is replaced in an occupied facility, Window City personnel meet with the property managers or building owner to address concerns regarding the replacement project. Safety, noise, clean-up and traffic control are a few of the issues Window City addresses when performing a replacement project in an occupied facility. During installation, Window City remains sensitive and flexible to the customer’s changing needs. Project managers work with crew foremen to schedule around customer’s activities and modify work practices.


Comprehensive Execution Platform

Window City’s reputation has been built on offering customized and cost-effective window solutions to projects distinctive by size, type, region and sector.

  • 15 windows or 15,000 windows.
  • Aluminum, Vinyl, Steel, Fiberglass or Wood windows.
  • Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, South/Southeast, or Mid-West Regions.
  • High-rise/Mid-rise (Condo/Co-Op/Office), Apartment/Multi-Family, Corporate/Office, Mill/Building Conversions, Institutional/Religious, Medical/Healthcare, Hospitality/Conference Center, Senior/Assisted Living and Historic Restoration Sectors.

Customer Service & Warranty

From the field technician to the administrative assistant, all the way to the C-level executive, each Window City employee understands the company vision of all-inclusive professionalism. Window City’s reputation for professionalism goes hand in hand with its reputation for customer satisfaction and service.

A loyal customer base validates Window City’s reputation for customer service. Window City’s key customers are some of the most educated, highly respected and well-informed building owners and property managers in the nation. The majority of Window City’s new projects come through their recommendations and referrals.

Window City’s extensive written warranty exceeds the industry norm of 12 months on labor by covering product and installation for a period up to three years. The company’s customer service department is ready to dispatch full-time, factory certified servicemen to meet all emergency and routine post-installation needs. All Window City products are warrantied by the manufacturer to be free from defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship.


Green Energy Study

Window City offers a unique Green Energy Study as a complimentary service to all qualified property managers and building owners. The complex algorithm weighs factors such as window material type, geographic location and heating/cooling source among others. The proprietary software calculates annual heating and cooling savings with window replacement and is designed to assist Window City customers with yearly budgeting. Window City enthusiastically supports the ideal of sustainable design and offers the Green Energy Study to help customers become more energy efficient. Request Window City’s complimentary Green Energy Study today.