Steel Doors and Their Pros & Cons

What Is A Steel Door?

Steel entry doors are typically found in commercial buildings more so than residential.  However, these doors are popping up more and more in homes across the country.  They offer a wide variety of advantages when it comes to security and sound reduction.

A steel door is not completely made of solid steel.  Most steel doors are made up of different strong bonding chemicals including polyurethane or polystyrene and then finished with a steel skin over the top.  If a door were to be solid steel, it would be extremely heavy and would most likely break its own hinges.  Steel doors are great for conducting heat or cold temperatures.  The chemicals used as the makeup of the door acts as a thermal barrier for each individual room.  Some studies show that these materials are up to five times more efficient at keeping unwanted heat or cold out than wood doors.


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Energy-efficient
  • Fire-rated
  • Low maintenance


  • Extremely heavy
  • Difficult to get custom sizes
  • Dents are hard to pull out
  • Non-resistant to scratches and paint chipping

Best Location for Steel Doors

Steel doors can be installed just about anywhere in a building or home.  They are installed mostly between houses and garages for the added protection and efficiency.  When these doors are installed in interior to interior spaces, it is mostly likely because they’re being used for the added security and/or fire protection.

What to Consider When Buying

Custom Sizing is Hard to Find

If you’re wanting special dimensions and different cutouts such as windows, be sure to address that accordingly before you commit to buying.  If you buy the door and later decide you want windows, cutting these custom pieces out is extremely hard and will take a professional.


Steel doors are a great way to keep hot and cold air out.  If you’re concerned about keeping weather out, steel doors may be the best option for your project.


There is little to no maintenance on a steel door, however if the door gets dented or scratched, fixing them could be an issue.  Painting over the scratch could be the only solution whereas a dent may be a bit harder to fix.

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