Window City Completes First Passive Building Project in the United States

Window City installs all Passive House certified window and doors in America’s first ever Passive structure.

Hoboken, N.J. – 09 May 2020 – The demand for more sustainable building options is increasing at a rapid rate and is predicted to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. A new term and trend within this
demand by the name of Passive Building is beginning to pique the interest of consumers. Window City
completed their first Passive Building project in Hoboken, NJ in spring of 2018. This was the first
completed Passive Building project developed in the United States.

Window City supplied and installed all windows and doors for the project owned and operated by
Bijou Design Build LLC. In order to meet Passive Building regulations, all windows and doors must be
energy-efficient and achieve certain values depending on the climate each Passive development is located in. The window frames must be well insulated and fitted with Low-E glazings filled with Argon or Krypton to prevent heat and cold transfer.

Window City President, Michael Mastroberti, stated, “It is a true honor to be working side-by-side with Bijou Design Build and sharing their mission on green building practices. This is more than just a construction job, this is a movement for a better way of living that keeps the community and its environment in mind.”

Window City worked with NeϋFenster, a window and door manufacturer located in Austria and Canada, who specializes in Passive Building window and door products. Each window and door hsa triple coated Low-E glass with Argon.

Passive Building is an innovative way of developing homes and buildings with its main goal of attaining extreme energy-efficiency. Passive structures are air-tight, have continuous insulation, use triple-paned windows and
utilize a specialized system for controlling air quality. It is based off a meticulous standard for increased energy
efficiency in a building and sequentially reducing its carbon footprint. These buildings can operate using
75%-95% less energy compared to traditional buildings.

Most passive house work takes place in the design stage because every element has to work together in order to produce the benefits. Materials, specifications and planning are the recipe to developing a Passive House or building. Materials utilized work to capture the sun’s heat within their own airtight foundation and the
insulation is continuous throughout the sealed walls, floor and roof. The sum of all these components result in extreme energy efficiency and maximum interior comfort.

To learn more about Window City check out their website at
To learn more about Passive Building, check out the official website of the Passive House Institute at

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Window City is an industry leading, full service window contractor specializing in commercial window
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Window City is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council. Window City is committed to sustainable design practices and recognizes the overall benefits not only to the environment, but also the owners and occupants of these buildings.