Historic Window Replacement – What To Know

Window City specializes in historic window replacement.  For over 35 years, the commercial window and door replacement company has been completing turnkey window replacement projects in buildings listed on the national register of historic places  throughout the entire country.  So, what exactly is a historic window replacement project?  In this article, we dive deep in a step-by-step format on the rules, regulations and process of completing a historic window replacement.

Step 1:

The owner of the property must have project approvals from agencies such as local and/or state historic commissions and National park Services in order to proceed with the job.

Step 2:

The owner must apply for the approvals and demonstrate that they will be repairing, restoring or replacing all exterior and interior materials with “Historically Accurate” materials.  This is typically a three part application.  The first two parts are pre-construction related.

Phase #1 presents information about the significance and appearance of the building.  Phase #2 describes the condition of the building and the planned rehabilitation work.  The guidelines are very stringent to follow and does not provide much leeway for fault.  Phase #3 is post construction where the NPS certifies that the projects meets their standards and is certified.

historic window replacement

Step 3:

Now that we’ve covered the prerequisites, we can discuss the window replacement process.  It is the architects or historical consultant’s responsibility to provide as much available information there is to the existing original windows to the bidding subcontractors.  This includes window sizes, operation, configuration, face dimensions, profiles, trims, etc.  usually at this point, the architect or historical consultant submits proposed window information and details to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for approval.  The office then forwards the application to the National Park Services for approval.

Step 4:

Once the Phase #2 submissions have been approved, it is the window subcontractor’s responsibility to work with the already preapproved window manufacturer or the best available window manufacturer for this project and to find a window that will meet all of the historical profile, color, glass, aesthetic and performance requirements.

Step 5:

Based on the information provided by the window manufacturer, the window subcontractor (Window City) bids the project and hopefully is successful.

Step 6:

Once the project is contracted, a complete set of product submittals and shop drawings have to be submitted by the window subcontractor (Window City) for final construction approval.

In Summary:
Completing a historic window replacement is more than just changing the windows.  There are many prerequisites that need to take place before a job is even sent out to potential bidders. It is a very detailed process from start to finish and is generally done by skilled professionals.

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