Window City Installs State-of-the-Art Psychiatric Windows at New Jersey Hospital

Window supplier, Window City, collaborates with manufacturer, Winco Window, to complete a design-specific window installation.

Somerville, NJ – 10 August 2020 – Nationwide commercial window supplier and installer, Window City, completed a custom window install at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Somerville, New Jersey. Window City worked closely with the architect and window manufacturer, Winco Window, to design a human-impact rated window for their psychiatric ward. This intensive project required custom windows specifically made for
hospital use regarding advanced patient care.

Winco Window and Window City worked together in determining the best window option for the hospital’s needs. The Window City in-house crew installed more than 800 custom fixed windows and over 40 specially-designed “Psychiatric Windows” made to resist human impact and reduce chances of ligature injuries for
psychiatric patient safety.

These custom windows, made by Winco, have passed all required AAMA tests including air, water, human
impact and structural performance. They were created to help secure daylight healing environments for
hospital mental health patients without the look of institutional framing. Their open frame design without the use of psychiatric screens has protective glazing that eliminates broken glass injuries, reduces chances of injuries from glazing or frame and withstands breakage from more than 300 pounds of swinging force. Economically energy efficient, the windows provide enhanced safety and durability.

Window City President, Michael Mastroberti, stated,

“We are extremely proud to have been a part of the hospital’s mission to increase safety for their patients.
Collaborating with Winco Window helped for a smooth install from start to finish. We look forward to
working with them on future projects to come!”

Window City’s team performed a custom retro fit installation to achieve a higher level of safety and increased window durability. The crew fastened 4×4 custom steel tubes at the center of each opening and later secured each Psychiatric Window within a 3/8” thick continuous encased steel opening.

Window City has been specializing in custom window replacement projects for over 30 years. Their nationwide platform and strong working relationship with Winco Window allows them to provide specialized window
designs in order to achieve specific requirements for each and every project in any geographical area.

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To learn more about Winco Window, check out their website at

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