Insulating Your Windows

As we approach the coldest months of the year, it’s important to know how you can help keep your home or building the warmest it can be without taking a beating from your bank account.  Cold and hot air can enter your home through multiple different ways and your windows are one of the most prevalent areas.

Insulating these problem areas can be one of the best preventative measures you can take in order to keep your home as warm as it can be without cranking the thermostat.  It is a simple and inexpensive project with guaranteed benefits for your home and energy bill.

There are a variety of different ways a window can be insulated.  Window film, caulking, weatherstripping, spray foam and window treatments are some of the ways you can go about insulating your windows.


One of the more inexpensive ways from the list above is to caulk your windows.  All caulk needs to reapplied periodically after a couple years, especially if you’re located in a changing seasonal climate.  To reapply, you’ll need to strip away the existing caulk and then apply the new.  Be sure to use water-based caulk for cracks in the sash and around the window.  Silicone-based caulk is normally used on metal and glass surfaces.


Film Insulation

Transparent film can help retain heat inside your home.  This film simply attaches to the outside of the interior frame by using double-sided tape. Once applied, take a hairdryer and lightly blow the warm air over the film- this will tighten the grip.


Weatherstripping is yet another simple and cost-effective option to insulating the home.  It is simple to apply and leaves no mess after.  The only drawback to this option is you cannot open your windows once the stripping has been applied.  This isn’t normally a problem considering that most people don’t open their windows during the winter months anyways.

Spray Foam

Spray foam can be applied to all the large cracks and creases surrounding the window frame on the interior.  Spray foam can reach hard-to-reach areas that you typically cannot reach without a long nozzle.  When applying, be sure to aim the nozzle at the desired spot as the foam expands and hardens quickly.

Window Treatments

Window treatments for insulating the home or building during the winter months come in thick draperies.  These only work when closed and must be placed right in front of the window.  These draperies are thicker than an ordinary curtain and have tie-backs that hold them against the wall.

Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are cloth gap fillers that serve as a way to block small cracks between the floor and door or the bottom of a window sash and its frame.  These are inexpensive and can easily be moved around from one window to another.

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