Repair or Replace Your Windows in Your Building?

Repairing or replacing your window is a tough question to answer.  When your windows are foggy, cold or cracked, you might be wondering if now is the time to repair or replace.  Often times, cost is the weighing factor.

New windows can cost anywhere from $300 to $1300 per window and if you’re planning on replacing all your windows throughout a home or commercial building, it can end up costing several thousands of dollars.

With that in mind, repairing the windows seems to be the more favorable choice on the wallet.  It tends to be less expensive and quicker turnover time versus planning to replace all your windows.  However, sometimes a simple repair job isn’t always that simple.

Newer windows with double or triple pane glass are more complex to repair because of all their parts.  Sometimes, these certain types of windows are built with gases between the glass to enhance the efficiency of energy of the interior. Repairing a window like this would be much more costly and difficult to do.

This leads to the popular question of, which do I choose?

If the window has the following issues:

  • Lightly leaking
  • Cracked
  • Broken glass
  • Getting stuck on the tracks

It would probably be safe to just get the window repaired.

replace windows

If the window has the following issues:

  • Heavily leaking
  • Foggy
  • Structure problems

It would be best to replace the entire window.

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