What is a Window Sash in a Replacement Window

Every single window built today has a sash as part of its makeup.  Without the sash, there would be no window.  A sash is the piece that moves up and down when you want to open or close the window.  It is basically a frame that holds the piece of glass in its place.

Can you fix or replace a sash?

Yes. This option might be the less expensive route to repair your window.  Today, there are kits that you can buy in order to fix your sash.  The kit is normally made up of a top or bottom sash, compression jamb liners for both sides, a sill dam and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the job.  These kits are a great cost-friendly option to fixing a sash versus hiring an expert to come out and do the work.

Why are they important?

This piece of the window is extremely important because it is the main part of the window.  When the sash is not in good working condition, it’s a sure sign that the rest of the window will suffer from problems in the near future.

Families with children should be sure to check the safety on their window sashes.  If the locks don’t work, the sash can be opened which could result in unsafe situations.

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